Bodacious Pizza

Bodacious Wood Fired Artisan Pizza
Wood fired artisan pizzas and appetizers, dessert pizzas, garden salads, drinks and more… Our menu will be expanding soon to include delicious pizza sandwiches!

HRFTA: How did you come up with your food truck name?
The Urban Dictionary suggests that the term “Bodacious” suggests a combination of the words bold and audacious. Further, to be bodacious is to be impressive, awesome, brave in action, remarkable, prodigious. These are the qualities we strive for and why we named our company Bodacious Pizza!

  • Where are you from and what cities are you permitted? Jackie is a native of Norfolk, VA and Terri grew up in upstate NY. We are licensed in Norfolk with permits in Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Hampton, and Chesapeake.
  • What separates your food truck from the rest? We take pride in the quality of our food, always using the freshest ingredients. We also really enjoy meeting new people and our team offers excellent customer service!
  • What did you do before you owned a food truck? Terri recently completed a masters degree in Computer Science and continues working for Sentara Healthcare. Jackie owns a micro bakery making fresh specialty breads and goodies.
  • What do you like most about having a food truck? We love meeting new people and the camaraderie among other food truck owners.
  • Why did you decide to join HRFTA? We wanted to be part of a group that promotes food trucks in Hampton Roads. We enjoy being a part of a positive and collaborative group.
  • Why did you decide to open up a food truck? We didn’t think we were working hard enough!
Try our hot, delicious pizzas!
Owners: Terri Sutryk & Jackie Poutasse


Phone: 757-577-2721



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