Karnage Asada

Karnage Asada - The Latin Asian Smack Down!
Tacos, burritos, qesadillas, kimchos, salads, brownies, donuts and more…

HRFTA: Where did the name of your food truck come from?
A collaboration between Donna & her marketing partner in crime (cousin Gilbert Rameriz, Vagary Enterprises). The desire was to create something fun and catchy. There is a back story – We have a corporate name! The corporate name, La Chiquita Foods, Inc. is from a tiny hole in the wall restaurant in Santa Ana, California, where Donna¹s grandmother worked as a cook most of her life. We wanted to dedicate our business to her. At the end of the day, we wanted employees and others to see it is La Chiquita Foods who was paying them. Here’s to you, Grandma Julia! She left a legacy in our truck.

  • Where are you from? Southern California (Orange & Los Angeles Counties)
  • What do you like most about having a food truck?Interacting with customers & seeing the joy they get from eating our food.
  • What did you do before you owned a food truck? Donna (Sales/Marketing); Marty (Engineering & Logistics)
  • Why did you decide to start a food truck business? The desire to own our own business
  • Why did you decide to join HRFTA? We help start HRFTA to improve the legislative/regulatory environment in Hampton Roads and to create an organization that would help support and develop a broader mobile food industry in Hampton Roads.

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