Miki’s Doghouse

Hotdogs, Sausages, Sandwiches, Fried side items
Types of food/treats sold:
Hotdogs, Sausages, Sandwiches, Fried side items
Where are you based and what cities are you permitted?
Virginia Beach. Surrounding areas are pending.
What separates your food truck from the rest?
We feature an extensive menu of Boar’s Head Brand meats and cheeses along with a plethora of fried foods.
What did you do before you owned a food truck?
Megan has worked in the restaurant industry since 2001, cooking and serving the food we will be providing on the truck. Chris is in the Navy.
What do you like most about having a food truck?
The ability to bring yummy food to the people and the experience of traveling around to different places.
Where did the name of your food truck come from?
Miki is Chris’s military working dog.
Why did you decide to join HRFTA?
To add value to a strong network of mobile food businesses while building our own brand.
Why did you decide to open a food truck/get into the food truck business?
Megan has worked in the same business since 2001 and we both decided it was time be open our own venture. We saw the mobile food space as a safer low overhead option compared to a brick and mortar.
Any other comments?
Owners: Megan & Christopher Cappa

Email: Mikisdoghouse@gmail.com

Phone: 757-947-8522

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mikis-Doghouse-104394625039585/