We, the undersigned owners/operators of mobile vending vehicles in the State of Virginia, in recognition of the duty we have as responsible business owners to respect the communities that we serve, hereby agree to abide by the following provisions in the operation of our businesses and vehicles:

  • Abide by all laws, rules and regulations applicable to our operations
    • Not park near an inline restaurant or sidewalk vendor selling the same food as we sell on our truck
    • Make regular announcements reminding customers in line to keep a sidewalk and any building entrances clear so as not to impede public access
    • Make regular announcements reminding customers not to eat our food at the outdoor facilities of other restaurants.
    • Not play music at an excessive volume or allow for excessive generator noise or exhaust.
    • Keep the area around our vehicle clean and remove all trash at the end of our service period, leaving the location cleaner than when we arrived
    • Maintain a friendly, professional and courteous attitude towards customers, other business owners and regulatory and law enforcement officials
    • Commit to giving back to the community through charitable contributions, volunteering at local non-profit organizations, participating in fund-raising events for local charities and engaging in other community service activities

July HRFTA Meeting

July 21st, 2018|Comments Off

Monday, July 30th 7 – 8 PM

Bodacious Bakehouse
309 Aragona Blvd. Unit 106, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462

This event is for all HRFTA members and those who have food trucks, trailers, carts or other mobile units who […]

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Food Trucks in Portsmouth

November 20th, 2015|Comments Off

We have received notification that Portsmouth is going to be voting on whether to allow food trucks in Portsmouth. If you are interested in voicing support and showing your excitement for the proposal, please come […]

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Food Truck Policy in York County

November 19th, 2015|Comments Off

More Open: Food Trucks Policy Receives Support from York County Planning Commission
by Nicole Trifone on November 19, 2015‘. See article in Williamsburg Yorktown Daily, WYDaily.com.

Read Article HERE…


HRFTA launches new website

October 5th, 2015|Comments Off

The Hampton Roads Food Truck Association is pleased to announce the launch of our new website – HRFTA.com! If you are looking for food trucks with great reputations operating in Hampton Roads, you can find […]